Kusadasi enjoys pleasant weather throughout much of the year, making it an attractive destination for visitors seeking sunshine and warmth.


The weather in Kusadasi is typically Mediterranean, characterized by hot and dry summers and mild winters. In the summer months, from June to September, temperatures can soar, often reaching highs of around 30 to 35 degrees Celsius (86 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit). During these months, Kusadasi experiences plenty of sunshine, with minimal rainfall.

In the winter, from December to February, temperatures are much milder, ranging from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius (50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit). While winters are generally wetter than summers, rainfall is still relatively low compared to other regions.

Weather Stats

MonthsAv. HighAv. LowRecord HighRecord Low
13.4 °C
4.2 °C
21.8 °C
-4.8 °C
13.5 °C
4.4 °C
25.2 °C
-5.2 °C
18.0 °C
6.4 °C
32.4 °C
-5.0 °C
22.4 °C
9.9 °C
33.4 °C
-0.8 °C
28.2 °C
14.0 °C
39.3 °C
+4.6 °C
33.5 °C
17.9 °C
44.4 °C
+8.4 °C
36.1 °C
20.2 °C
44.6 °C
+13.6 °C
35.3 °C
19.8 °C
43.8 °C
+13.7 °C
32.0 °C
16.3 °C
39.4 °C
+9.0 °C
26.6 °C
12.5 °C
37.8 °C
+2.0 °C
19.5 °C
8.2 °C
30.7 °C
-2.0 °C
14.5 °C
5.5 °C
25.4 °C
-3.8 °C

Discover Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a coastal resort town in Turkey and serves as a prominent stop for cruise ships along the western Aegean Sea.

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The initial settlements in Kusadasi were established by the Lelegians and Carians, who migrated from central Anatolia around 3000 BC.

Here are 10 compelling reasons to visit. Kusadasi is perfect for singles, couples, families, and retirees alike, catering to diverse preferences and interests.

Kusadasi boasts numerous beaches, all characterized by crystal-clear waters and perfect weather.

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Dilek Peninsula National Park, also referred to as Milli Park locally, is situated approximately 23km to the south of Kusadasi.

The options for nightlife in Kusadasi are limitless, making it one of the top destinations for nightlife in Turkey.

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