Discover Kusadasi: Your Ultimate Travel Destination in Turkey

Welcome to Kusadasi! Explore ancient marvels, vibrant culture, and sun-soaked adventures along the stunning Aegean coastline. From Ephesus to the crystal-clear beaches, Kusadasi promises an unforgettable journey. Welcome to where your adventure begins!

Welcome to Kusadasi!

Kusadasi, renowned as both a beach resort town and a significant stop for cruise ships, sits just 18km from the renowned ancient city of Ephesus. Its strategic location near historical sites like Ephesus, the Temple of Artemis, and the House of Virgin Mary makes it an ideal hub for Aegean cruises. Enjoying a Mediterranean climate with long summers and mild winters, Kusadasi basks in sunshine for approximately 300 days annually, making it a sought-after destination for tourists year-round.

Originally a humble fishing village, Kusadasi has blossomed into one of Turkey's premier resorts, offering visitors a plethora of activities. From lazing on beautiful beaches and indulging in Turkish cuisine to exploring vibrant markets and enjoying waterparks, there's something for everyone. As the sun sets, the town's charming cafes and restaurants come alive, offering a delightful ambiance for pre-dinner drinks and leisurely meals. With a lively nightlife featuring an array of cafes, bars, and clubs, Kusadasi ensures unforgettable evenings for all who visit.