Kusadasi Dilek Peninsula National Park

Dilek Peninsula National Park, known locally as Milli Park, is located around 23km south of Kusadasi.


Dilek Peninsula National Park, also known as Milli Park locally, is situated approximately 23km south of Kusadasi, in the town of Guzelcamli. Covering an expansive area of 28,000 hectares, the national park is located 8km from Davutlar and spans the entirety of Dilek Peninsula, stretching 20km in length and with a width of 6km. Renowned for its stunning beaches, we consider the National Park to harbor some of the most beautiful coastal areas in the region.

Whether you prefer hiking along mountain trails or lounging on the beach, Dilek Peninsula National Park offers a slice of paradise for all. With its pristine environment, stunning vistas, and immaculate beaches, the park is an ideal spot for a picnic. Amenities such as benches, picnic tables, and restroom facilities are available for visitors' convenience, and there are also cafes for those who prefer not to pack a meal.

The park boasts numerous beaches, including the Kalamaki beaches, which encompass several bays such as Icmeler, Kavakli, and Karapinar. For those seeking more adventure, there's the option of a canyon walkβ€”a scenic trek through the park's majestic mountains, providing a serene escape from urban hustle and bustle.

Dilek Peninsula National Park is home to diverse flora and fauna, with an array of beautiful flowers, bird species, and wild animals like wild pigs roaming the area. So don't be surprised if you encounter a family of wild pigs during your visit β€” it's all part of the park's natural charm.

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Kusadasi is a coastal resort town in Turkey and serves as a prominent stop for cruise ships along the western Aegean Sea.

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The initial settlements in Kusadasi were established by the Lelegians and Carians, who migrated from central Anatolia around 3000 BC.

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Kusadasi boasts numerous beaches, all characterized by crystal-clear waters and perfect weather.

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Dilek Peninsula National Park, also referred to as Milli Park locally, is situated approximately 23km to the south of Kusadasi.

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